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IV Hydration Therapy

One of the major benefits of intravenous treatment is that nutrients are infused directly into the bloodstream. Intravenous treatments are exceptionally powerful because they bypass issues with oral administration, including stomach upset, absorption difficulties, and loss of potency. Also, since the nutrients are infused directly into the bloodstream and avoid the gut, very large doses can be administered without gastrointestinal side effects which can limit how much can be given at one time. We have many combinations of vitamins and minerals as well as some common medications that we use in our therapies to get to you back to feeling yourself or keep you feeling great!  So, whether you indulged in a few too many last night, feeling worn down after a tough workout, or just want your skin to glow - we have the right combination for you.  Every patient will need to fill out a comprehensive medical history and undergo an evaluation by one of our highly trained medical providers prior to administration of any IV Therapies to include normal saline.   

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